A Man for Annalee by Vonnie Davis

A Man for Annalee - Vonnie Davis

This was my thought throughout most of this book. I'm sorry, but most of it was just so stupid. And it felt lazy. It felt like the entire book was just sprinting toward the finish line. Even ignoring the instalove (which I can't), there was no character development. Things just happened instantaneously for Annalee.

One example was when when she meets Boone's adopted brother, Two Bears. She's so scared of meeting an Indian for the first time, who she thinks are scalping, bloodthirsty savages, that she faints with terror. When she wakes up she immediately punches him in anger. Literally a few minutes later she is saying to him "No, Two Bears, it is you who have charmed me. I have much to learn from you, haven't I?" That's right, mind numbing terror to new best friends in a matter of minutes. 

As you can imagine, Boone and Annalee's relationship follows a similar pattern. At the beginning of the book, Boone is a sworn bachelor and he thinks Annalee's a little crazy when they first meet. Within 3, maybe 4 days, he is swearing he would "go against anymore or anything to keep her safe." And Annalee, who had sworn never to get close to anyone else again because she was scared of losing them, had a new adoptive family and had agreed to marry Boone. Fear gone! 

On top of that, I was skeptical about some of the historical details (what grocers daughter goes to finishing school and then at 20 yrs old owns her own dress shop?!) and the dialogue at times was painfully bad. 

"If we were alone right now, I would caress your lips with mine."

Yeah, that's just called a kiss. 

If this wasn't so short I never would have bothered finishing.