Tuck's Book Nook

“If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again,

there is no use in reading it at all.”  

- Oscar Wilde

About me

Welcome to information about me! 

I'm a bit of a nerdy homebody. Given the choice to socialize or read a book, I will choose the book every time. 

It must have a strong love story and MUST have a happy ending. There's enough bad stuff in the world, I don't need that crap in my books ;) 

I blame Disney for all of these preferences. It brainwashed me as a child and gave me unrealistic expectations about love and life. Ariel is my home girl because she was the red-haired princess - we have a lifelong kinship because of this. 


Also an optimist & cynic. 


My ratings and reviews are based on a combination of my personal preferences and literary merit. Not necessarily evenly. ;)

My rating system:
5 - loved, loved, loved it, have probably read it multiple times (I don't give out 5's lightly or frequently)
4 - really, really liked it, have reread favorite parts multiple times
3.5 - really liked it, have kept my copy to reread 
3 - average - an enjoyable read, but not a keeper
2 - it was ok, but likely lost my attention at times
1 - I didn't liked it. Likely had to force myself to finish, skimmed large parts, etc.