Cricket Cove by TL Haddix

Cricket Cove  - T.L. Haddix

Best. one. yet. 


From the very first page, this book pulled me in. (Now, if you haven't read the previous book in the series, this may not be the case.)


Yet again, this is a bit of a case of instalove. But again Haddix makes it work. 

Amelia is probably my favorite of Haddix's female MCs. She's completely multi-dimensional and completely relatable. And yet again, Haddix gives us a completely lovable male MC. He's flawed, but wonderful. 


There always seems to be some part or aspect of Haddix's books that drags me in with it's humanity.




If I tried to go through all my favorite parts, I'd be quoting the entire book. But more importantly even then just some good moments in the book, the story as a whole is what got me. It's hard to pinpoint the best parts when it's the story as a whole that is so incredible and the emotions it evokes.


I also loved revisiting with the rest of the Campbell clan of course. Sydney just gets more precocious and entertaining, as well as Logan's interaction with her. It was so sweet to see Archer and Emma getting married and settling into married life. The love between this family just jumps off every page. I want them to adopt me!


"You've invaded my dreams and I don't know how to get you out...I swore years ago that I'd never let myself get attached to any woman emotionally...You make me want things I've spent my life avoiding."


"The way he was looking down at her, eyes full of emotion, reached inside to heal a place that had been rubbed raw over the last weeks and months."