Recklessly Royal by Nichole Chase

Recklessly Royal - Nichole Chase

Argh, I hate when kindle books end at random percentages! This one ended at 88% - I thought there was more!

Anyway. On to the review. 


Maybe this was me stereotyping, but in Suddenly Royal, I pictured David as this shy, kind of geeky grad student. Apparently I was wrong. He is an "Adonis." Meh. Of course he is. 

Honestly, I kind of wish that he had been geeky and awkward. Not only would I have found it more realistic, but I like having a male MC that isn't the perfect male specimen. You don't have to be a greek god to be good looking. But I digress. Besides, how would the author have accounted for the insta-lust/love if David wasn't an Adonis???

Anyway, I loved that the book started with Sam and Alex's wedding. Although the more they were in it, the more I wanted them in it. I could easily read another book on the two of them. 


But back to Cathy and David. It was a sweet story. There were some nice moments between them, but I just didn't fall in love with either of them. There wasn't the same chemistry as Alex and Sam had. Even in this book the chemistry between Alex and Sam came across as stronger than Cathy and David IMO. Overall thought it was a nice story, just nothing spectacular. My favorite part was Chadwick who provided a much needed comic relief throughout the book.