Wild Invitation by Nalini Singh (Novellas from the Psy-Changeling Series)

Wild Invitation - Nalini Singh

This review is only for the first two books so far since I'm trying to read in order. 

Beat of Temptation 5 stars*****

OMG, I loved this story. I thought Tamsyn let Nate get away with too much at first - he was hurting here and she seemed to just keep coming back for more. And, oh god, the way she interpreted Nate's actions was heartbreaking!! I was glad when the pack turned against him a bit to support Tamsyn.


"And neither of you tried to stop her from leaving?"

"Why would we?" Lucas's tone was hard. "You made her cry Nathan. You made your mate cry and then you didn't hold her."

Ugh. Just. Dying. 

The story may be short, but it is chock-full of emotion and depth. It could probably stand on it's own, but it definitely packs more of a punch if you've already read Slave to Sensation as you've likely already fallen in love with many of these characters. 

"She wouldn't be hard to track - she was carrying his heart with her."

Stroke of Enticement 4 stars****

This one I found interesting as it was the first (if you've read in order) to introduce a human character to the story. Zach and Annie were both likable characters and I thought the story progressed well, with the exception of a bit of insta-love (Zach realizes that Annie is his mate within like 15 minutes of meeting). But overall I liked it and I'm sure the devoted fans of the series will to.