Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh

Slave to Sensation - Nalini Singh

"They had under-the-skin privileges."


Honestly, my expectations for this one weren't very high. I saw tons of other friends gave this rave reviews, but the paranormal isn't really my genre and it's rare that I fall in love with paranormal books. But this was one of them! 


I feel like I come across so many books these days that are basically just carbon copies of each other, that when I come across something original, I like to take a second to acknowledge it. 



I read another review that I think nicely sums up the appeal of this series. (At least it sums up why it appealed to me so much), and it comes down to the nature of the changelings - strong, alpha males with extremely protective instincts towards those they love, completely devoted to one woman ("mate") for their entire lives, and who require constant touch and affection.


"His body recognized hers in a way that made not touching her an exercise in restraint."


"These men might have the potential for the negative emotions that had driven her race to cripple their own children, but they also had the ability to care on a level that the Psy would never experience."


"Don't pull this alpha thing with me, Lucas. You're not my alpha!" 

He had no desire to dominate her that way. 

"But I'm your mate."




Every touch between Lucas and Sascha, especially in the second half of the book, had my heart melting. As a very affectionate person myself, I live for those small caresses, sweet kisses, and reassuring touches that often speak more than words. I LOVED IT!


Anyway, while generally the world-building was good, some of the technical PsyNet stuff slowed things down a titch for me. In general when reading paranormal I find myself reading more slowly as I need to absorb and think about the new "world" in order to fully understand and appreciate it. Understanding the PsyNet with its firewalls and shields took some concentration. And, SPOILER, I'm still not totally sure how Sascha managed to link to Lucas in the book's climax. And for this I had to knock off half a star. 


Overall though I did love this book and can't wait to start the next one!