Cattail Ridge by TL Haddix

Cattail Ridge (Firefly Hollow) - T.L. Haddix

I am loving reading this series! TL Haddix has a style and method of writing that is uniquely her own and I'm enjoying every second of it. 


While this book could probably be read as a standalone, I am fascinated and impressed with the way each story in the series weaves into the others. It's almost like a huge family saga that's been separated into books that focus on different family members. And I love this family! 


This book centers around Emma (Ben's twin) and second oldest of the children. I have to say that I connected with her the least so far. I actually liked Archer more than Emma, I think. Perhaps Haddix is just really good at writing men or something because I've loved them all! The men in this series are sensitive, considerate, kind and thoughtful. I just...I can't...



Sorry. I'm back. Just got a little caught up for a second. 


Anyway, we were shown in Dragonfly Creek (Ben's story) that Emma gets pregnant and then suddenly moves home to Hazard. In this one we learn what happened to her and watch her story with Archer unfold. We were even briefly introduced to Archer in Dragonfly Creek when he first meets the family. We find out in this one how he became close the the family after that. Archer fell in love with Emma almost immediately - thankfully Haddix doesn't focus on this example of insta-love and we pick up five years in - during which time I like to pretend Archer actually fell in love with her :). The story follows Archer finally making a move for Emma and Emma trying to overcome some fears caused by her past. 


One of the sweetest parts of this book is Archer's relationship with Emma's daughter Sydney. It's not just that Archer is good with kids, he was there her entire life and he loves her like a daughter. 




That's how I felt about Archer and Sydney. 


Anyway, while not the strongest in the series it still had some great moments and I still enjoyed every minute of it. I can't wait to read the next one with Amelia. And please, oh please, tell me Rachel gets her own book too!!!