Veer by Alyssa Rose Ivy

Veer - Alyssa Rose Ivy

Possibly reading this in another time and place, I might have given it a three, but just needing something to get me through some travel time, this was a good choice for me. Was it anything mind-blowingly original? No. Was it amazingly written? No. But for what it was, it was good and it kept me entertained. 


Originally from Boston and in law school to become a DA, Becca decides to spend her summer with her best friend Molly in NC working at a small town law firm. She immediately runs into local cop Gavin (who apparently had a thing for Molly in the first book of the series). The two butt heads at first and then eventually give in to their attractive. Have a miscommunication, make up, fall in love, fight, and get back together. There, I just summarized the entire book for you. You're welcome.



SEMI SPOILER ALERT - I was kind of annoyed to find yet another new adult book with sexual abuse in it. Why must they all have this?! Pick a new theme!



However, at least this one wasn’t overdone. You knew there was something in Becca’s past based on a few references to scars on her body and her need to feel safe, but other than that, she seemed like a normal well-adjusted twenty-something (who was just going through a hard patch in her life with her mother’s death and her trouble with school).


The ending was a little too perfectly wrapped up, but this was brain candy and it served its purpose.