The Duke and I, by Julia Quinn

The Duke and I - Julia Quinn

This started off as an average regency romance. Nothing more, nothing less. Average. So it was about a three until near the end when I had some serious problems with what happened.


I once heard a story about a couple who was divorced (or getting divorced or something). Anyway, the husband had, at some point in the past, had some of his sperm frozen. The (ex?) wife wanted the sperm to have a baby. The husband fought against it and lost and the wife had a baby. She then filed for child support and won!

What is wrong with the world?! 


Anyway, this is what I thought of when I read part of this book. I had liked Daphne up until she basically tricked Simon for his sperm to have a baby when he had adamantly told her he didn't want one. Seducing something and forcing him to give you something he didn't want feels like some weird form of rape/theft. Really not okay under any circumstances. And then on top of that, when he returns to her and finds out she's not pregnant she asks him "what do you care" and seems pissed at him! I wanted to smack her upside the head. I really lost interest in everything after the "rape/theft."


I did however enjoy the relationship and banter between Daphne and her many siblings. I liked how protective her brothers were of her and the humorous repartee between them.


Notable Quotes:

“Daphne had changed into an evening dress of dark green velvet that someone had once said almost made her eyes look not quite brown.”