Oh, Kentucky! - Betty Layman Receveur

This book started off really strong. Good story and tons of historical info. For the first half I was like, this is great, this book is a solid 4. Bust as I hit the half way point my interest started steadily decreasing and it became harder and harder for me to pick up the book each time. It felt like all history and I no longer felt connected to the characters. When two certain people died, it felt anti climatic and I was kind of just like, "eh." For that to happen with two major characters, that's not right. And when two certain people finally got together (kind of what the book had been building toward since the start) I thought it could have been such a great moment, but again it felt flat. In the last one hundred pages I started to skim a bit, only stopping to really read a few times. So with the first half a 4 and the second half more like a 2, this book averages out to a 3 star.


That said, if you love tons of history and the story is secondary to you, then you might love this. There is definitely tons of information in these pages and it is clear the author did her research.