By Any Other Name - Kathryn Loch **3.5**

I don't believe there is a synopsis of this book anywhere right now, so I will try to provide a brief one:

When Micah de Montfort's uncle, the man that raised him, tries to kill Micah in his rebellion against King Henry, Micah's faith in family and love are destroyed. Two years later, a loyal knight to Henry in his attempt to make up for his family's history, Micah is ordered to take back Appleby Castle from the Scots who raided and captured it, killing Baron Liulf and his family. Micah is surprised to find that the Baron's only daughter, Kate, is alive, but had been imprisoned in the dungeon and badly mistreated. Micah helps Kate recover, both physically and emotionally, but Kate's existence threatens the barony that King Henry promised to him. Henry gives Micah the choice to send Kate to a convent and take the barony himself or marry Kate. Not wanting to imprison and betray Kate again, they agree to marry, but Micah continues to battle the emotional demons from his past. As Micah and Kate learn to care for each other, Micah begins to wonder if his dreams of love and family could possibly come true after all if he could learn to have faith in others again. But the Scots plot to regain the castle and Kate and there is a traitor in their midst.

So that was the first synopsis I ever wrote. Hope I did a good job. :)

This one wasn't as emotive as [b:Blind Impulse|16095617|Blind Impulse|Kathryn Loch||21903145] (which is the first book I read by Kathryn Loch), but it was still an entertaining and enjoyable read.

Based on this book and BI, I would say that Kathryn Loch builds her stories around strong emotions, and that's where the strength lies. In this one it was Micah's feeling of betrayal by a man he loved and his struggle to overcome it. The intrigue with the Scots kept the plot moving along, but it was the emotion that added the depth and feeling to make the story something more.