Gallagher's Pride - M.K. McClintock **2.5**

So I literally just finished this book and I'm feeling rather confused. I read this book on my ipad and there were no pages numbers - it only showed the percentage read - which turned out to include an additional 25% of other stuff at the end of the book. So when I came to the end of the book, I actually had thought I still had 25% of it left. This may have had something to do with how I felt when I realized that I was at the end, which was kind of as if I had run into a brick wall, it was that abrupt and a little jarring.
Just as Brenna and Ethan return to Montana and find out Eliza has apparently run off, Brenna's brother might have been found, and Gabriel had gotten married, the story ended. Just like that. The author set up all of these questions and then just stopped writing. And reading the description for the next book in the series, it doesn't sound like a continuation of Brenna and Ethan's story, but a new one altogether about Gabriel and another woman (presumably his wife from the end of this book). I'm the type of person that needs closure from one thing before I can begin again, so if the storyline with Brenna's brother had at least been completed I think I would have felt much differently about this. I can only hope it will be wrapped up in the next book, but I don't know if I care enough to find out.

The rest of the book was entertaining for what it was, an easy, light romance.