The Nonesuch - Georgette Heyer I've read quite a few Heyers, but this was definitely not a favorite.

I felt that some of the internal dialogue ran on a little long (was a little repetitive at times) and found myself wishing for the action to pick back up on these occassions. I also thought that Heyer had stuffed too much 19th century slang into the dialogue - so much so that it made it hard to understand at times. Usually when she uses slang phrase its within a certain context or conversation that makes it obvious what is being said/talked about/ecc. But in this book I often felt like these phrases or words were piled on top of each other so that I had a hard time following the meaning. I think I'm generally pretty good at understanding the language from this period since I read so much based in the period, but I had hard make of it at times.

Lastly, I wished the book didn't end so aprubtly after the misunderstading was cleared up. This seems to always be how Heyer ends her books, and while she remains one of my favorite authors, I always find myself wishing for a more developed ending.

Other than that, the characters were typical Heyer - fun and fully developed. The two leads had that dry, satirical humor that Heyer does so well and the supporting characters were equally interesting and added to the action.

All in all, it was an enjoyable read, but not one I will be keeping on my bookshelf.