Pieces of Sky - Kaki Warner I tried this book because I heard so many people raving about this author and, while I thought it was good, I didn't fall in love with it. I have no major complaints with it either, other than I just simply didn't love it. The writing is good, the characters were fine and I liked how the plot between the hero and heroine wasn't constantly driven by misunderstandings (they actually talked to each other). And yet, while the hero had some lines/speeches that I imagine a woman might give her left arm to hear a man say to her ;), I also found myself taking breaks in my reading when something big was about to happen (if something big is about to happen my butt should be glued to my seat and my eyes to the page - I shouldn't be putting it down to go get a snack).

I've only relatively recently started reading historical westerns and I have not yet found one that I love. This may just be a genre that I will never really get into.