Nectar from a Stone: A Novel - Jane Guill I am very surprised by the number of 1's and 2's other people gave this book - I loved it - and most people don't consider me easy to please ;)

While on GR it does seem to be shelved as historical fiction, this is definitely more historical romance (I would review Amazon's page for a more accurate idea about this book). I picked it for the romantic plot line and it was just the kind of romance I like - a love story (focusing on the emotional relationship between the leads rather than physical attraction) where the setting was as much a character as the hero and heroine. I learned a lot about a region/time that I knew little about before - 1300's Wales. I found myself invested in the histories, struggles and journeys of Gwydion, Elise and Wales. I was a little nervous about how the whole visions theme would play out, as I am not typically into fantasy, but I thought the author pulled it off well. She kept it simple, playing on the existing superstitions of the period. It felt authentic to the time.

For anyone that would write off this book based on the reviews here, I recommend you check out the Amazon reviews before you do - the average rating there is a 4.5 - just saying ;)