Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout **3.5**

Well, this book definitely reads a lot like Twilight, with a little Roswell thrown in:
Teenage girl (who thinks she's plain looking) moves to a small podunk town with her single parent (who she seems to take care of). Girl meets brooding Boy she thinks hates her. Boy is clearly keeping a secret. Boy has sister who becomes friend with Girl. Boy saves Girl from getting hit by a car and the paranormal secret comes out. Etc. etc.

I don't know if this is a common story in the paranormal genre as I read very little that falls in this category, but despite that the first half of the book basically felt like a book I had already read (just substitute alien for vampire) I did enjoy the story. It was an easy read, but it successfully sucked me in and didn't let me out until I was done.

I was actually surprised how much I liked it given that the hero is the exact kind that I usually can't stand. He really was an arrogant, controlling jerk most of the time. However, that was tempered by the understanding (however subtly given) that Daemon was actually somewhat trying to protect Katy. It also helped that Katy didn't put up with his bull****. I would have been pissed if at the end, Katy had given into him even though he was still being a jerk, even though we knew for sure that he loved her. The fact that she walked away shows a strong female character who refuses to be with a guy who doesn't treat her right. And for that, brava! The book ends with her walking out, but with the understanding that they will finally get their s*** together in the next book when Daemon finally stops being such an ass. And for that, I will definitely be reading the next one.