Fear of Falling

Fear of Falling - S.L. Jennings


This book didn't start off very strong, but for some reason I kept with it and it did pick up a bit after a rocky start. That said, the writing was still kind of mediocre (I don't consider "Oh. My. God." proper grammar) and it was only entertaining enough that I didn't skim.

I don't have an aversion to profanity - I can sling it with the best of them - but it often just felt gratuitous. There is an entire page of pretty much just the f-word at one point. It kind of felt that the author was trying to make certain characters feel "cool" by using excessive profanity. Dom and Angel would just sling foul words about each other, to each other, in what was supposed to be affection? IDK, perhaps there are people like that out there, but it just felt like trying to hard.

I did like Blaine as a character for the most part. He had some really romantic as hell moments and said some profound, moving things at times. But I sometimes felt like I didn't have a clear handle on his motivations. Although the same could be said for Kami too.

All in all it added up to a mediocre book for me.