Don't Make Me Beautiful

Don't Make Me Beautiful - Elle Casey

This was fine. I picked it up due to rave reviews from another, but it probably just wasn't for me. It was decently written, it just wasn't anything special for me. I never really connected with the characters and so there was only so much I was going to like it. I didn't think Brian was a realistic character.


I also didn't totally understand the plot line near the end with the baby. I mean, who refers to their baby as Kitten??? The entire time she talks about burying Kitten, and I know we are supposed to think its a cat, but it quickly became clear that it wasn't. And why would John give the baby to that other woman? His connection to her didn't seem strong enough to warrant that behavior and therefore it made no sense to me.


Still the plot moved along at a decent pace and there were some high moments.