Breakable by Tammara Webber

Breakable - Tammara Webber

I looooved Easy, so I was super excited about this one. And naturally, I had really high expectations. But unfortunately this wasn't overly special for me. 

A large part of my problem with this book was due to the format. Constantly switching back and forth between Landon (age 13-17) and Lucas (21, aka when he meets Jacqueline) continuously pulled me out of the story. I actually found Landon's part interesting (maybe even more so than Lucas at times), but I found the constant switching disorienting. It became tough after a while to keep the separate story lines straight. I think I would have preferred all of Landon's story followed by all of Lucas's, or at least longer chunks of each. 

My other issue is a bit of a catch-22. Part of Lucas's appeal was that he was mysterious. He was a bit damaged and dark. Getting his whole history and hearing his side of things was like lifting the veil. Like seeing how the sausage gets made. And I think I liked him better from Jacqueline's perspective. 

Overall there just wasn't anything memorable for me in this one. I appreciate Webber's attempt to do something more than just the standard alternate POV though. For that she gets kudos, but unfortunately this didn't quite deliver. 

"I shuddered, loving her, loving her so much I could hardly breathe. Wondering if that was how it was supposed to feel to love someone or if I was just fucked all to hell and incapable of loving correctly, because all I felt was this insane, unfillable need, this empty black hole inside my soul. I was breaking apart in her hands, crumbling to nothing."