Sleepless by Tracey Ward

Sleepless (Bird of Stone) - Tracey Ward

I came across this as a kindle freebie and was like 'what the hell, why not? And what a pleasant surprise. The plot felt fresh and original and I enjoyed it for the most part.


I laughed, I cried - and I mean actual tears ran down my face. Let me repeat, tears ran down my face! My contacts almost fell out. This. never. happens. to me. Sure my eyes may water up sometimes, but it is rare that the tears actually fall!


The banter between many of the characters was witty and felt genuine. And it was this humor that kept the first part of the book moving for me. The middle is where tragedy strikes Alex and there was one scene where I truly felt her pain (which is when the tears fell). This scene practically made the book for me it was so well done and so touching.


And then around the 70% mark the book took a turn. I was nervous at the direction that I could sense was happening, but it wasn't too bad, and then...PLOT TWIST.


Now I can see other people possibly loving the plot twist, I myself found it a little disappointing because it changed everything I thought I knew. Knew and liked.


And then of course the ultimate stab in the back. The mother fucking cliffhanger. And the icing on the cake? The sequel hasn't been published yet.


So up until the 70% mark, this book was at about a 4 for me, but I had to knock it down for the ending. I'll still read the sequel though.