Golden Dynasty by Kristen Ashley

The Golden Dynasty - Kristen Ashley



Now having watched only two or three episodes of Games of Thrones, it is pretty obvious this is basically fanfiction of the Khal Drogo and Danaerys storyline. But you know what, if it's done well, that's fine. What I was more worried about was reconciling to myself the idea that the hero rapes the heroine in the first few pages of the book. 


And I was somehow able to make it through the initial rape, but what continued to make it difficult was that Lahn continues to rape Circe for the next 3 days! And I don't care that she just lies back and doesn't fight him. Still rape. Anyway, by the fourth day she decides she has to do something and she tries to talk to him, but this time once he gets a hold of her he makes her come...and after that everything changes. By the next day she is calling him "baby" and "honey" and they are getting along pretty swimmingly.


Stockholm Syndrome anyone?


And when they come up against a cultural divide? Have an argument? Language barriers? Etc? Well don't worry! That's nothing a good orgasm can't fix!




Using sex in books to solve problems and make everything flowers and unicorns again makes me rage so hard. And just to give you an idea of how often this is used, in the 33% of the book that I read (roughly 140 pages), I can think of six separate sex scenes off the top of my head.


Um, waiter? I'd like some plot with my sex scenes, please! kthxbai. 


All and all the few good moments in the book were not able to keep down my inner ragebeast and I have no desire to waste my time. Now, being my first Kristen Ashley, a book like this would normally mean it was my last by that author, but in fairness to a plot that probably wasn't for me, I may try one of her books again at another time.