Defying the Odds, by Kele Moon

Defying the Odds - Kele Moon

My reaction at the end:



It was a short book and I read it fairly quickly. But the entire book just felt like it was driving from one sex scene to the next. There wasn't much depth to the story. Which was disappointing given the subject matter of domestic abuse. The author could have created a great, multi-faceted character and examined the complexities of women who have lived through domestic abuse through Melody. But it felt like Moon boiled all of that down to Melody being "broken." Melody tells Clay that he shouldn't be with her because she's "broken." That's it?!?! You've taken a thick, meaty stew and given me back chicken broth. Way to trivialize domestic abuse. 


And then when Melody's husband inevitably tracks her down in the end (as we all knew he clearly would) what does he do? Shoots up a Las Vegas hotel. 


I mean, I'm not saying that domestic abusers are well adjusted people, but most don't escalate from abuse to...well, that. I'm also not saying that some don't go to insane means to get keep those they are abusing under their control. But her treatment of the characters of Melody and her ex-husband are just so glaringly different it was hard for me to reconcile them in my mind. 


Anyway, overall for me this was an ehhhh.