Playing for Keeps, by RL Mathewson

Playing for Keeps - R.L. Mathewson

Me for the first half of this book:

  (and yes, this is literally exactly how I looked reading this book) 


First of all, I love that Hayley wears glasses. As a fellow four-eyes, I resent the saying "boys don't make passes at girls that wear glasses!" 



Glasses are cool, dammit! And it was nice to see a MC that was found attractive with glasses!


Anyway, I loved the dynamic between Hayley and Jason! They were freaking adorable! Jason's obsession with food was hysterical - anyone that tried to eat any of his tray full of sweets was a "brownie thieving bastard." Hehe. The whole food schtick was adorable and hysterical. As much as I would love to quote all of the funny lines there were just too many and most were contextual so they would make little sense on their own. But some of the ongoing schticks besides Jason's sweet tooth were Hayley's obsession with Derek Jeter, and the "fists of fury." The entire first half of the book was a laugh a minute and I loved it!


And while it was funny, the relationship between Hayley and Jason as it developed was so sweet! They start off as friends, but those really close boy/girl friendships where they spent all of their time together and there's tons of sexual tension/chemistry before they realize they are in love with each. So Jason always thinks of Hayley as adorable, rather than say sexy or something, which just added this whole protective aspect to Jason when it came to Hayley which I loved! It was nice having a hero for once who wasn't always talking about how sexy/beautiful/gorgeous/stunning/bangable/etc a heroine is and how much he wants to have sex with her. 


At around the 60% mark is when they hit a hiccup in their relationship and the tone of the book changes a little as it takes on a slightly more serious tone. It's still funny, but as it focuses on more of the emotional obstacles of their relationship it became slightly more serious. 


Was this book perfect? No. I had some problems with how things played out in the second half of the book - everyone still got their HEA, I just didn't agree with some of the choices/actions in getting there. For example, when Jason thinks that Hayley only wants to be friends with benefits and doesn't really love him she seduces him to get him back. Ummm, no. However, I was still so entertained by the book that it didn't bother me as much as it normally would have and I was somewhat able to get past it.


Overall, it was a ridiculously, funny, entertaining book and I will definitely be reading the next one in this series - I think I have found a discovered a new genre for myself!