Saltwater Kisses, by Krista Lakes

Saltwater Kisses: A Billionaire Love Story - Krista Lakes

I was looking for a piece of fluff to try and escape all the angst for a while, so I thought this would be a safe bet. For a mindless, fluffy story, which was what I wanted, I'm probably giving it 1 more star than it deserves. I think if I hadn't been in this mindset I would have thrown in the towel pretty early. Because the writing was just not good. Besides the weak dialogue and story telling ability, there were so many holes and just inexplainable details. 



The beginning of the story demonstrated the weak writing and even weaker dialogue. The conversation between the MCs was boring. There was no wit, no spark, no nothing. It was literally two people saying "So, what do you do?" "I do x, you?" "Oh, I'm in blank." Argh. That's small talk. That's not chemistry. I'd like some character with my characters please. 


The middle part, well to sum that up I really need a number of questions answered first. 

-Why would Emma's landlord let a complete stranger into her apartment? And being rich isn't an explanation. It does not make you god. 

-Why is Emma okay with Jack breaking into her apartment, telling her employer she won't be coming into work and flying her to NY with basically no explanation? Show some character, goddammit! Why are you letting a man you've know for a week take over control of your life??

-Why is Emma outfitted as the wife of a billionaire when she's only in NY until the fuss dies down? 

-What is the motivation/plan/etc here??? Emma is apparently brought to NY for the sake of the plot. Because literally no one seems to know what the hell she is doing there. She sees Jack for less than an hour a day and spends the rest of the time shopping and sightseeing. I just don't understand what is going on!


Anyway, the last part demonstrated the lack of character development. At this point it was obvious how little I cared about the MCs and didn't understand why they were together. But still I expected some sort of consistency in character or whatever. What I got was a fight between the MCs when Jack though Emma had been using him for his money the entire time (Um, what the hell, dude? You practically abducted her from her home to bring her to you. She had zero choice). So what happens next? Emma spends the next few days trying to talk to him. WHAT? Have some pride in yourself woman! He should be groveling to you. Anyway, it was all resolved when he shows up and tells her he loves her. 



Ugh. These f-ing heroines. 


And then the last thing I just have to mention. What was with those sex scenes?! They would do like 8 position each time. And I'm not even sure some of them were possible. They just didn't make sense. It was clear the author was trying to make it sexy, but just fail. Where was the editor in this mess?!?!