I Stand Before You: Judge Me Not #1 - S.R. Grey

I feel like I'm being generous giving this a two, but whatever. 


Anyway, there was waaaay too much telling and not showing. Inner monologues ran far too long in this book. I skimmed quite a bit. 


It took almost 100 pages to set up the story and then the MCs would start reminiscing about the past. I was screaming, "get to the story already!!!" And then, once we finally start making some forward progress, we get to hear all the details again as the MCs tell each other about themselves! I think this could have been glossed over. 40% of the way through and they had just had lunch together a few times and gotten each other's histories. 


And then frankly not much else happened after that. It was just pages of Chase thinking to himself how he wasn't good enough for Kay. Then Kay agonizing over her secret and whether she should tell Chase. And then Chase agonizing over using drugs again. But there was very little action to note through all of this. Just endless inner monologues. 


Some of the writing, which was meant to come off as cute, just didn't work. Chase would think about Kay as "____ girl" all the time. "Sweet girl," "beautiful girl," even "attentive girl" and "not-so-patient girl." It's one thing to call someone "sweet girl" to their face. But it's weird to think about them and refer to them in these terms. For example: "Trusting girl puts her hand in mine and we smile at one another."  AAAWKWARD. 


This was the most glaring of the, at times, odd writing. The dialogue was often the most painful of the writing, but, as if the author knew that, she kept the dialogue brief. Which was also why there was so much inner monologue and so much info dumping.