My Own Mr. Darcy - Karey White

As an Austen lover (specifically P&P) and lover of fictional men, who harbors unrealistic expectations of love, I thought this could be an entertaining read given the similarities between the MC and myself (and I imagine many other girls who grew up with Mr. Darcy). And it was fine, just not great. 


First of all, I just have to say, who in their right mind prefers this  to this? 


Matthew Macfayden has almost zero expressions. No one can pull off disdainful-gentleman-whose-eyes-you-could-get-lost-in, like Colin Firth. Sigh. Anyway, Lizzie's obsession with MM specifically demonstrates her obsession more with what MM looked like than Mr. Darcy himself, which gave a shallowness to the story as it focused on MM's looks rather than who Mr. Darcy was. In addition, as the plot played out, Lizzie's actions and choices showed an even greater departure from reality than just someone who grew up loving a character.


Another point that kept bothering me was the level of intimacy between the characters. I find it very hard to believe that a 22-year old (who is not religious, and this isn't Christian fiction) who has been dating a 28-year old for months, has not slept with him. I'm not saying I need a play by play or anything (I am totally fine with a clean romance), but to think, in this day and age, that two people in this situation would be doing nothing but kissing, is completely unrealistic. I get it though. If the author had Lizzie sleeping with either guy, while having feelings for another, the book would have a decidedly less wholesome feel to it. But I had a hard time getting past this point. 


Lastly, what was with the names? Elizabeth Barrett? Matt Dawson? Was it really necessary to have characters with so many similarities to the novel to also have similar names?


No. The answer is no. Just one step too far. 


Still, isn't wasn't a bad book, but there was definitely room for improvement.