Voices Beckon - Linda Lee Graham Considering this was, I believe, a self-published debut for this author, it was good. I got the first part free for kindle and liked it enough to buy the rest of the book, unfortunately I felt it slowed down from there. This story follows the three main characters over a seven year period. I have yet to find a book I love that covers a long period of time like this because I often feel like I'm missing important things when the story continually jumps forward months and/or years. I have to constantly flip back to figure out how much time has passed between chapters and plot developments never seen to get the chance to development enough before the jump happens again. And unfortunately that's how I felt with this book as well at times.

There are a few times where you can see the need for a editor and there was a part near the ending that was a little unclear to me, and simultaneously set up the sequel (which is a plot device that I don't like), but, impressively, there were no glaring grammatical/technical errors. I also loved how the author created links within the text to refer to the index in the back - genius!