Hostage Of The Heart (Harlequin Historical) - Linda Acaster So I have somewhat mixed feelings about this one. I didn't have any real problems with the book until about 100 pages in when I got completely pulled out of the story and felt confused.

This is the point where Dena and Rhodri declare their love for each other. I felt that this came on so suddenly, particularly for Dena, that I couldn't believe it. I should probably say that I don't believe in love at first sight, or even love after a few days, so whenever I come across that in a book, the book loses a certain credibility in the characters for me. It's not a basis for me to throw away a book, but I always feel a little disapointed. But in this book, there was almost nothing up to this point that, for me, accounted for this sudden declaration. Obviously it wasn't love at first sight for these two so you expect some sort of evidence of their growing attachment to each other and, given the circumstances (Dena was captured, threatened with rape and death and kidnapped), she was experiencing a lot of emotions, none of which were love. Gratitute for like a second at one point, but that was it. So I really didn't believe the relationship when they suddenly declared their love for each other. And then, 2 pages later, there is another complete shift in emotion when Rhodri now hates Dena.

I just didn't believe the development of Dena and Rhodri's relationship as none of it felt realistic or genuine to me. After that I had a hard time continuing on. I didn't want to waste time on a book I wasn't feeling, so I just skimmed the second half of the book.