Bittersweet Endeavors (An American Historical Romance) - Tamara Ternie **2.5**

This book reminded me of [b:To Have and to Hold: A Tale of Providence and Perseverance in Colonial Jamestown|671844|To Have and to Hold A Tale of Providence and Perseverance in Colonial Jamestown|Mary Johnston||657874], but not as good - a titled Englishwoman travels to Jamestown in the 17th century under some sort of indenture, is picked/bought by the hero, they fall in love, an evil English nobleman pursues her, the king gets involved, and there are a series of adventures of sorts.

Compared to THATH though, this book had a number of problems. Where the highly improbable adventures in THATH were entertaining, in Bittersweet Endeavors they just felt melodramatic. I couldn't get into them.

Here is one example that particularly bothered me. When Myra gives birth it seems to be a difficult labor (there aren't a lot of details), but her baby is delivered by a pirate and then she is unconscious for a week? (the length of time that passed wasn't clear). Anyway, the next thing I know she is waking up and her house is on fire, so, in her weakened state, she escapes through a series of secret passages, is reunited with the hero and they have sex. I've never had a kid but I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to have sex for like at least a month. For some reason that detail really bothered me. Its one thing to create unrealistic scenarios, but at least try to keep the details factual.

In terms of the editing, there were a few instances where the wrong name was used. It was like the author forgot what she had named her main character for a few minutes while writing because on one page she referred to her main character (named Myra) as Sarah 3 times. It was weird.

While there was nothing incorrect in the writing, I struggled with it a few times. I think it was just the style of writing, particularly the way the author constructed sentences. It wasn't wrong, but sometimes it didn't read smoothly to me.