Unruly Hearts - Adrianne Wood **3.5**

This was a quick, easy and entertaining read. I really enjoyed it. Need something to while away the hours on a rainy Sunday? This book will do the job.

The only small problem I had was with Clara (And again, this is a small quibble). I think she's supposed to be a good/nice person, but by the end I had realized what a selfish character she was. She basically bribes Annie to take her ranch so she won't get lonely, despite that she knows Annie wants to leave; she dangles two men along, only caring about who is going to take care of her; and then when Annie finally tells her she is love with West herself, Clara's first reaction still, is to wonder who will take care of her now. Given everything Annie has done for her up to this point (including helping to save her and her son from Roy), a good friend would have immediately been apologetic, or happy for her friend, or gracious, or something. Clara is concerned only with herself, which was not how she was portrayed really so, as a character, IMO she felt inconsistent.

All in all this was a fun, engaging read.