Sense of Touch - Susan R. Hughes This was a quick and entertaining read. It focuses on an event that I imagine not many people were aware of (I sure wasn't): the explosion of a ship in 1917 Halifax that decimated part of the city and killed 2,000 people.

From that explosion, Amy and Sean are brought together and help support one another, Sean suffering from glass in his eyes and Amy with injuries to her face and back. Years later they run into each other and its like finding each other all over again. They quickly fall in love, but Sean suffers feelings of inadequacies from his blindness, believing that he can't take care of a wife and raise a family.

This was a touching story of Amy and Sean experiencing a tragedy that ultimately brings them together. I enjoy stories of one character struggling through a new disability and having to learn to adapt and come to turns with this disability, and this was no different. Sean struggles with anger and resentment and is initially prone to allowing himself wallow, but with Amy he begins to see the worth of life again.

I do wish the ending had been a little more flushed out. Amy and Sean's reconciliation seemed a little quick, but other than that this was a really enjoyable read.