The Bearwalker's Daughter - Beth Trissel I was really looking forward to trying this author because I have been struggling to find some colonial american romance and I had [b:Kira, Daughter of the Moon|16131604|Kira, Daughter of the Moon|Beth Trissel||21957238] on my to-read list, but this one came up as a kindle freebie so I decided to try it first.

I got about 35% of the way through before I decided to throw in the towel. I just couldn't get into these characters because I found very little believability in their actions, particularly Karin. Karin is supposed to be this timid girl who has been raised by a group of overly protective menfolk. Ok, that's all fine, but within 24 hours of meeting Jack, they are going hot and heavy on the floor of a cabin and she tells him she loves him and proposes! And this is where I stopped reading. No girl in 1784 is going to propose to a man. Especially one who has been presented to the reader as meek! It made absolutely no sense to me.

Perhaps I should add that I don't believe in love at first sight, or even love in a few days. So any book that has the H and h falling in love so quickly immediately becomes hard for me to swallow. People that don't have this hang up may be able to get into the book more than I was able. But I still found that the characters behaviors were unrealistic for the time period and it took me completely out of the story.

There is also quite a bit of this mystical/magical element that I didn't really expect. I understood that there might be a little, but around when I stopped it was becoming a large part of the story.

Some people might not take issue with the things I did though. This book obviously just wasn't for me and I decided not to waste my time with something I wasn't enjoying.