The Traitors' Wife - Kathleen Kent I generally liked this book, but there were a few things that bothered me.

First was that every chapter switched back and forth between two stories. It all came together in the end and I knew the stories would eventually intertwine, but the frequent back and forth meant that as I got wrapped up in one of the stories, the focus would switch to the other and I would have to reorient myself to the new scene. The sensation I ended up with (for the first half of the book anyway) was that every new chapter I started almost felt like when you start a new book altogether as storylines would pick up in completely different places from where they left off. I also thought more time (at least in the beginning) should have been spent on the Martha/Thomas storyline rather than the other.

It's not really an "action-packed" story in terms of events or really inter-character development and therefore the story did feel a little slow at times.

Kent uses a lot of descriptive language, which could be very poetic, but at times I thought it took over the story. I prefer a story that's a little more focused on the characters, but as that is just my personal preference, I imagine some will give the book more stars because of this.