Blind Impulse - Kathryn Loch **4.5**

This is an incredibly powerful story about overcoming adversity, as well as a very tender love story. So many of the scenes between Garin and Alyna were incredibly moving and just made my heart melt. Rather than the typical romance I find, where the H and h suffer tons of misunderstandings and and seem more driven by lust than love, this was just a beautiful story of two people learning to overcome life's obstacles together and finding each other at the same time. I was invested in their story and cheered for them the entire time. Garin particularly was a wonderful character. He is a character made up of extreme feelings so you saw him as both a powerful knight and a loving softie. I felt for Garin as he struggled with this huge adversity, in a time where the typical response would have been to lock him away in a church for the rest of his life. And then Alyna's patience and ingenuity to help him overcome it, sometimes despite himself, was really beautiful.

There were some grammatical mistakes (particularly toward the end), but I was so engrossed that I was able to gloss over them.

This is a very talented author - I am so glad I found this book (and as a kindle freebie too!)