The Daughter of Siena - Marina Fiorato I wanted to like this book and I really thought I would. It has a strong plot, but it just never came together. It was a little too predictable and formulaic.
There were also a few things that struck me that I had a problem with.
The heroine is described as the most beautiful woman in the city (like she is actually known as such and is subsequently, basically locked away until she marries so no one can touch her), the hero is the most beautiful man ever and all the villains looks like fairytale villains. It was so extreme and fairytale-like that it lost some realism.
The other big thing that bothered me was the fact that the heroine apparently had reconciled herself and become immune to being abused after only a day. Not only did it seem unrealistic, but I found that a little disturbing.
I ended up skimming parts just so I could get to the end and be done with it.
I did like the setting though and learned a lot about Siena that I didn't know before.