He Fell in Love with His Wife - Edward Payson Roe I picked this book because I read A Young Girl's Wooing (by this author) years ago and loved it and I always assume if I loved one book by an author, I'll love another. Well, I liked this one fine - not at par with the other, but good. The author was a reverend (which probably is why religion colors his books at time), but while AYGW had some religion in it, it was secondary to the plot at all times. In this one, it felt a little preachy at times, which I don't typically like.

There was a fair amount of internal dialogue (sometimes you would be reading someone's thoughts for more than a page) and I would have liked to see more interaction among the characters.

My favorite character was definitely Mrs. Mumpson. Someone else here described her as a female Mr. Collins, but I'd have to say she reminds me more of a Mrs. Elton ;)