Laiden's Daughter - Suzan Tisdale

This book had such great reviews that I thought I would check it out - and it did not disappoint!

Though I would definitely consider myself a lover of the historical romance genre, its often frustrating for me when looking for new books, as the term "romance" is used for such a broad variety of books - many little better than ill-disguised erotica. But this was exactly the sort that I enjoy - a book with a strong love story. The moments between the two main characters was often tender and showed the deeper feelings involved and weren't all about sex - although there was some of that as well :)

I have to agree with one other reviewer here - if I heard the heroine call herself plain one more time I was going to smack her. I understand why the author kept doing it, but it was annoying nonetheless.

All in all this was a well written (although my kindle version definitely had some formatting issues, but I pretty much find that with all kindle books anyway) and engaging book. I found myself laughing/smiling a few times and was emotionally invested in the characters. I look forward to reading this author's next book!

UPDATE: I've decide to upgrade this book to a full 5 because, even though I read this 2 months ago, and have read many books in the mean time, I still find myself thinking about this book and the characters! This book definitely sticks with you in the best way!