MacGregor's Bargain - Rowena  Williamson, Philip  Williamson **2.5**

This is one of those books that straddles the line between historical fiction and historical romance and can't seem to decide which one to be. The first half is all romance with the H and h meeting and having their arranged marriage and then getting to know each other (lots of implied sex, though nothing explicit). And then the second half focuses on the Jacobite rebellion and there are descriptions of a number of battle scenes. I was more interested in the first half of the book and the story lost me more and more throughout the second - I just don't care about battle strategy and fight scenes.

As I plodded through the second half I was just waiting for the final resolution to the romance between the H and h, which I ended up feeling a little cheated of. The book ends rather abruptly. I had been so excited for this final reunion scene which didn't really happen.

The were also a number of grammatical errors which I had to struggle through a few times. Overall, it was a strong start, but never fully delivered.