The Last Renegade (Berkley Sensation) - Jo Goodman Based on other reviews it seems I'm in the minority on this, but I felt that the romance in this book took a backseat to everything else that was happening. Besides one kiss (which felt like it came from out of the blue), there was almost no build up to the relationship between Kellen and Raine. It lacked the emotional tension and/or excitement that I like to see in my romances as the characters get to know each other and fall in love. Over 100 pages in they have their first kiss with literally no build up to explain it. It just seemed to happen out of the blue. At no point before this was I shown or told that there was anything between them. And then eventually they get together, but again I was given very little indication of any deep feelings between them. The second half of the book became a little more emotive, but I still felt like their whole relationship had materialized out of thin air.

As for the mystery/action part, which I felt was more of the focus of the book, I wasn't completely satisfied with the final explanation. It's hard to get into it without giving anything away, but there were some loose ends that were never resolved, and certain questions that weren't fully answered, IMO. One character in particular, I still don't understand how he factored into everything b/c it was never fully explained.

I loved the characters of Rabbit and Finn, they constantly had me smiling. I almost wished they had played an even bigger role.

This was still an entertaining read, I finished it in one day.