Highland Moonlight - Teresa J. Reasor I think almost all of the reviews here are pretty spot on already so I won't elaborate too much.

This story was very touching at times with the hero trying to earn back a trust he lost and the heroine overcoming feelings of shame and betrayal and learning to trust again. It was very emotive and it explored what they were both feeling.

The story immediately draws you in with the action, dragged a teeny tiny bit in the middle and then finished with this over the top ending that was pretty unbelievable. It also ended rather abruptly on the final admission of feelings between the H/h, which they had held back from openly admitting to each other for the entire story. I am not a huge fan of using misunderstanding to drive a story, and unfortunately the author relies on that a great deal. However, I still really enjoyed it because I was invested in the characters.