Finding Peace - A Medieval Romance - Lisa  Shea I enjoyed this - it was a fast, easy read - I finished it in a few hours.

At times in the first half of the book however it felt a bit too much like I was being taught a lesson about the importance of learning to control one’s temper and not letting yourself be provoked.

The love story between Richard and Elizabeth was very sweet. The story was told completely from Elizabeth's POV. I would have liked to hear some of Richard's side of the story as well, or at least had an explanation of his actions in the beginning of the book, specifically why he started following Elizabeth. Other than that though, I got a good sense of who Richard was.

As for the historical accuracy, I’ve never heard of a woman being allowed to participate in sword fighting at a tournament. Some of the behavior of the characters and language also didn’t ring quite true to the period, but for a story like this, it was fine.