Dawn on a Distant Shore - Sara Donati So I should definitely explain why I'm only giving this book a 3. I loved Into the Wilderness because it fit precisely into the very narrow window of my kind of book - which involves a historical love story of two people meeting and falling in love. Obviously Dawn on a Distant Shore could never fit into that window, for the simple reason that that part of the story already happened in ITW. I knew this going into DOADS, but I periodically try to break out of my narrow window and, given how much I loved ITW, I thought this had a good shot. But the entire time I just wanted to see more of Elizabeth and Nathaniel's relationship (which it did have a fair amount of, but not the part that I enjoy and woven into so much else going on). Understandably the author had started to move beyond just them and their relationship - and again, to be fair, she had already sepnt 900+ pages on that in ITW - apparently that just wasn't enough for me! :)

I also loved the setting of ITW in the NY wilderness in the late 18th century and DOADS takes the Bonners to Montreal, sailing acorss the Atlantic and then Scotland. Almost no time is spent in NY.

DOADS is more of an adventure story than ITW was. The narrative also switches from Elizabeth to Hannah quite a bit. As I understand it, the following books focus more on Hannah so it makes sense that Donati is setting that up.

Another small (tiny really) problem I had was the plot line with Luke which gelt a little rushed/tacked on onto the end. That never felt completely developed to me.

All of this said, DOADS is a well written (although the Scots was a little hard to understand sometimes, I've read better accents before)and entertaining book and I can totally understand why most other people have given it 4s and 5s. For me though, I was missing Elizbaeth and Nathaniel as they fell in love and kept taking breaks to go back to ITW and reread my favorite parts from that.