The Companion of Lady Holmeshire - Debra  Brown 2.5 stars

I think this book may be misclassified as romance - I would say its more historical fiction/mystery with a dash of romance. I also think there was more time spent on the romance between Anne and Simon than on Emma and Wills. Personally, I enjoy the romance part of a book so I was little disappointed that there wasn't a bit more here (especially given that the book is classified as such). And when the hero and heroine finally confess their feelings at the end, the conversation felt a little forced and too formal so I didn't get the closure I was hoping for.

The ending storyline with Nicky caused the book to jump the shark a little bit for me and knocked off a star. I was very engaged throughout the book, but that part kind of left a weird taste in my mouth - and since that's the ending, that's the taste I'm left with unfortunately.

Overall though I think it was well written and entertaining. Impressive first novel.