Love Will Follow - Bailey Bristol I thought the premise was good, but there were so many holes in the timeline and some of the details that I couldn't follow the story. Around the half way point I decided it wasn't worth my time to continue reading. Here are a few example of some of the problems I came across (mini spoiler warning on some of these):

First example: We are told in the first few pages that Kittie is 18. Then later when we are learning about her history we are told Axel rapes her when she is fifteen, she runs away nearly a year later, and two months after that and we are up to speed and in the present again. How does that math work??? Then there are other references to her being seventeen, I mean, the timeline was so screwed up I finally gave up trying to figure out how to make it work (and I tried! I went back multiple times to different parts of the story to confirm what I had read).

Another example is when Jake tickles Mimi and she giggles. Kittie explains to him that she hasn't made a sound in 3 years. Then, in literally the next paragraph, she says that Mimi hasn't made a sound in weeks. Which is it?!

And last example (and this is where I finally threw in the towel) Kittie jumps into bed with Jake within days of first meeting him (after only a few interactions). Ok, this is a romance, I can accept this behavior in some stories (however unbelievable I might find it), but what I can't accept is that a girl who was sexually and physically abused for almost a year would sleep with anyone without experiencing some serious emotional s***. But it seems to be no big deal. And this last example speaks a lot to the characterization of the heroine. I felt no connection to her because I didn't believe her as a character.

Some of the writing wasn't bad and I hate to trash an author's work, but its so frustrating when basic details don't make sense. If Kittie's timeline had made sense in the beginning I probably would have been able to keep reading, but once I saw that, every other problem stuck out like a sore thumb.