Cherish - Catherine Anderson **3.5**

Anderson delivers another page-turning story with Cherish. This is the third of her books for me, and while my least favoirte so far, still a really good read.

I didn't realize before I started reading that the heroine was raised within a conservative religious community, which probably influenced my enjoyment of the book a teeny bit. I'm not a religious person myself, so I typically don't enjoy books with a heavy religious message (so any Christian/inspirational fiction), but given that religion was much more prevalent in everyday life in the past, compared to now, when one reads historical fiction, there is an understanding that religion is going to play a part in the story. Typically this is fine, and I wouldn't consider this religious fiction at all, but given that the heroine was raised within such a strict religious sect, loses her faith and the hero works to restore it, religion played a slightly larger role in the story and dialogue than you would usually find in historical fiction. And thats the part that I didn't enjoy nearly as much and probably knocked this down half a star for me.