Lady Pamela - Clare Darcy **3.5**

This was almost a four for me, except that the attitude of the hero, particularly near the end, put me off a little bit.

Overall the book was funny and charming, very reminiscent of [a:Georgette Heyer|18067|Georgette Heyer|]. The heroine was spunky and likable, she went off on rather unrealistic, harebrained schemes, like disguising herself as an abigail and installing herself in an aristocratic household. The secondary characters were good, but not great like Heyer's.

*Semi-spoiler alert*
I thought the romance between Lady Pamela and Lord Dalven developed well throughout the book, but near the end I was left a bit wanting. Lord Dalven is one of those characters in Regency romance who views the world around him with amusement. He takes silent delight in the ridiculous and appears to the world as aloof, but in reality is very smart. I usually love this character, but at the end of this book I found Lord Dalven's arrogance and high-handedness very unattractive. He basically kept telling Lady Pamela to sit down and shut up, which, given Lady Pamela's independence and spirit, I would expect her to reject him just out of pride/spite unless he made some final, grand romantic gesture. But in the end, he just told another of her suitor's that he was going to marry her and sent him off. Again high-handed. By the end I just wasn't liking him very much. The final declaration is always my favorite part and I just felt that it lacked much romance. Others may not have as much problem with this as I did though.

All in all, I thought the writing was good - lots of complex sentence structures, but done well - and I will definitely give Clare Darcy's other books a try.