Poison Study - Maria V. Snyder **3.5**

I should preface this review with saying that fantasy is not usually a genre that I am drawn to - besides the big series like Harry Potter and Twilight - I've only read a few other fantasy books. So I think it says a lot if a fantasy based book can successfully pull me in. And this one did.

Surprisingly I didn't have a problem with the first person narrative - I felt Yelena was well drawn using this narrative, and perhaps made her more relatable to me than she otherwise would have been.

As for secondary characters, I thought they were generally well developed and Janco provided a good comic relief to an otherwise serious book.

I like books that have a strong love story and, therefore, wouldn't have minded if that bit had been played up a tiny bit more. I wasn't even sure for the first 300 pages who Yelena's love interest would actually be, and I have to admit, I had been rooting for a different person than it ended up being.

Overall though the story was engaging and I got sucked in. It was well written and my small critiques are based on my personally preferences. This book was looking to be a solid 4 until the end when I had to knock off a half star. And again this is my personal preference, but I hate book endings that leave unanswered questions and set up a sequel. It always leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I hate feeling like I have to read the next one. There is also a lack of closure that I always feel is a disappointing way to end a book. Don't get me wrong, I liked this book enough to read the next one, but I resent being forced to do so to get my questions answered.