In the Shadow of the Mountains - Amberly Evans **3.5**

Overall this was an entertaining and engaging read. However it almost reads like 2 different books. I read the first half one day and enjoyed slowly watching the romance bloom between Sarah and Tom. There wasn't a lot of action (which is fine), there was plenty of good character development and the mystery of what exactly happened to Sarah added that bit of intrigue to move it along.

Then the next day I read the second half of the book and this half was none-stop action. Just one obstacle/difficulty/tragedy after another. One right on top of the next. I don't want to give it all away, but on top of Sarah's past being slowly revealed bit by bit (which is rather gruesome) these two couldn't seem to catch a break. And Sarah's character became a shell of her former self really, and she became a bit tiresome, I hate to say. All she did was cry and sleep it felt like. I loved Tom more and more and Sarah less and less through the second half. Tom was a much stronger character and completely swoon-worthy. I definitely want my own Tom. :)