Dawn's Early Light - Elswyth Thane What a good book! It's been a while since I've read an older book like this and I think I had been missing this style of writing, where the merit is based on the writing as much as the story (these days I've been focusing solely on the story).

The book is packed with history. At times it did feel like info-dumping and I didn't always need to know the movements of every troop throughout the entire war, but you can't deny that Thane did her research. It can read heavy (at times) with all of that information thrown at you, but then the fiction parts pull you in.

I thought all of the characters were well-developed and it was facinating watching them all mature and change over the course of seven years and through a war. Through her characters Thane was able to bring to life both the attitudes of the English toward the American Revolution and the American's attitudes toward the British. She really made the period come alive for me. I could vividly picture the period and the setting in my head and I came to love all of the characters.