My Name is Mary Sutter - Robin Oliveira Really well written book. The language was beautifully descriptive and really conveyed a sense of time and place. Having toured Antietam myself a year or two ago I had a pretty good idea of how that battle went, down to troop formations and the Sunken Road and Burnside's Bridge, etc. But the author brought the battle to life with her descriptions of the scene and the men and the carnage that occurred. I could vividly see the death and destruction in my mind. And then from the POV of the surgeons and specifically what the aftermath of the battles were like - it was haunting and heartbreaking for its grim reality. For me the author brought the civil war to life in all its wonderful horror.

The ending did leave me slightly unsatisfied I have to say, but being more realistic than say a typical romance, I was probably destined to feel that way.